It all started with an idea. And tacos.

Our eclectic trio met for the first time at an open mic night at the Tank Room in the summer of 2014 - Calvin had just returned from a 2 year sabbatical in Edinburgh, Scotland to further his harp skills and was the featured artist for the evening, Rob was a Genius at the Apple Store yearning to feed his creative side by performing his original songs at night, and Chris was a graphic designer for a construction company who couldn't help but stop by after work to doodle in her notebook with a Tank 7 by her side while enjoying the original music. Attending that open mic together (as well as late night trips to Town Topic) became ritual for the next several months, and the most genuine of friendships blossomed from said late nights. Over time, our talents and creative experience became apparent and inspirational to one another, and sparked an idea -


What would it look like if we joined forces

to become a creative team?


It turns out it looks a lot like the Planeteers from Captain Planet.

Minus the blonde and the redhead. And the Captain with green hair.

But we're not opposed to any of them joining our team.


What started out as a conversation over tacos turned into a collaboration between multi-faceted creatives spanning illustration, photography, music, technology and design. But we needed a name for our professional partnership of prolific peers, and through heavy introspection and reflection, we decided to named it after our favorite taco - the buena terra. Translated to mean 'good earth' in a combination of a couple different languages, buena terra inc. became official in 2015. Since then, we've been working our butts off to produce this portfolio of design work to showcase what we're capable of. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

there's no 'i' in team, but there is meat.

calvin arsenia

chief of sales & consultant | genie

Calvin is tall. Like really, really tall. You can't miss him in a crowd. Not just because of his height, but because of the energy emanating from every bone in his body. He's a people person who loves to talk to every individual in the room. He loves to dance - he can spell the whole alphabet - lowercase and capitals. He's especially good at the ampersand. He loves to play music, bakes delicious pies, and can spot a paisley garment from a mile away.

chris dong

czar of design & illustration | market analyst

Chris is short. Like really, really short. It's easy to miss her in a crowd, but if you do you are really missing out on something special. She loves to have fun and is a brilliant illustrator who lives off of coffee and Tank 7. And eggs. She's always wearing heels to make her not so short. She has a dog named Bird who wears a sweater for 8 months out of the year. She's a workaholic who is passionate about doing her best work everytime.

rob rice

señor of photography | logo manifester

Rob is slightly above average height. Six foot zero to be exact. He likes to wear tank tops and Winston shirts (his favorite character from 'New Girl'). He can't go anywhere without his water bottle and lip balm. He loves everything that stimulates the senses - music, photography,  all forms of design. And doughnuts. He's self-diagnosed himself with a moderate case of OCD that contribute to his meticulous habits of organization, minimalism, and consistency. He's also obsessive compulsive.



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